Adult Leagues

 Riverside Tennis Club  enters many teams in local and County leagues in both the summer and the winter.  There are teams suitable for everyone with men's, ladies', mixed and veterans teams competing in Sarum, Apsley, Hants and Isle of White and NCL Leagues.

Tournaments CCup Riverside Tennis Club runs many tournaments during the year.  These include:
  • Club's annual closed tournaments which includes competitions for adults, juniors, veterans and improvers culminating in a Finals Day at the beginning of September.
  • Popular Floodlight League run over the winter months.
  • Annual Barrett Trophy & Chairman's Cup competitions both of which are one day events played as round-robin tournaments with drawn partners.
  • Annual Rhind-Tutt Tournament which is a handicapped one-day event.
  • Annual 100+ Doubles Tournament where the ages of your partnership must add up to at least 100 (different rules apply for juniors!)
  • A range of other imaginative, one-off events which are always great fun!
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