Our Riverside Team of Michael, Jamie, Rossa and Carolyn won the Sarum League’s John Barrett trophy held at Salisbury Tennis Club on 9 September! This is a really enjoyable annual team tournament held in memory or John Barrett. John was a member of Riverside Tennis Club for many years and held various committee posts including Tournament Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary and also founded the very popular local Sarum Leauge. The tournament raised a lot of money for his charities and June Barrett presented the trophy.


Summer matches have nearly finished, here are the results that have already been determined

Hants & IOW Matches
Men’s A Team – Still one match to play.
Men’s B Team –
Ladies A Team – Finished 2nd in Division 2 ensuring promotion back to Division 1 for next summer
Ladies B Team – Men’s Over 45 Team – Finished 2nd in Division 2 so will also be promoted to Division 1 next summer.
Men’s Over 45B Team – Finished 3rd in Division 4
Men’s Over 55 Team – Finished 2nd in Division 2 so will be promoted to Division 1.
Ladies Over 40 – Finished 4th in Division 1 so will retain place for next summer.
Ladies Over 50 – Finished 4th in Division 2

Apsley Matches

Still in progress.

Sarum League

C Team finished 5th in Division 3