Bold = times that are not the norm  

Date Opponent Type Comp Venue Time Results
Sat 5 Apr Pewsey NCL U9 Home  9.30am Won 14-6 
  Pewsey NCL B16 Home 9.30am Won 12-0
Sun 6 Apr Salisbury NCL U10    4.00pm  Postponed
  Devizes NCL U18 Away   Won w/o
Sun 13 Apr Purton NCL Men Away  1.30pm  L 0-6
  Chairman’s Cup      2.00pm  
Sat 19 Apr Malmesbury NCL U18 Home  9.30am  L 1-5
  Pewsey NCL U14 Home  9.30am  Won w/o
Wed 23 Apr Alverstoke Vets M55 Home  6pm  Rain
  Winchester A Vets L40 Away  6pm  Lost 1-3
  Salisbury Vets L50 Home  6pm  Rain
 Sat 26 Apr Portswood A Apsley Mixed B Away  2pm  Won 6-2
  Chippenham NCL B16 Away    Won 6-0
Sun 27 Apr Trowbridge? NCL Mens Home 10.00am  Won w/o
Mon 28 Apr Salisbury B Vets Mens 45 Home  6pm  Won 3-1
  Hants Club Vets L40 Home  6pm  Lost 0-4
 Wed 30 Apr Milford Vets L50 Away 6.30pm   Lost 0-4
  Warsash Vets M55 Away  6pm  Lost 0-4
Sat 3 May Riverside B Hants Mens A Home 2.00pm  Mens A Team won 9-0
  Lee on Solent Hants Ladies A Away 2.00pm  Won 5-4
Sun 4 May Waterside Hants Ladies B Home 10.00am  Won 7-2
  Wootton Bassett NCL B16 Home  2.00pm  won w/o
Wed 7 May  Thornden Vets Mens 45 Away  6pm  Drew 2-2
  Wellow Vets Mens 55 Home  6pm  
  Avenue B Vets L 55 Home  6pm  
Thu 8 May  West Hants Vets L40 Away 6.30 pm  L 0-4
Sat 10 May  Winchester B Apsley Mixed A Home 2.00 pm Won 7-1
  Winchester C Apsley Mixed B Away  2.00pm  Drew 4-4
  Devizes  NCL  B14 Away    L 1-5
  Tment NCL U8 Away    Won
Sun 11 May  Penton Sarum Mixed C Home 10.30am  
  Victoria Park NCL U9 Away    Won 8-2
Mon 12 May  Avenue B Vets Mens 55 Home  6.00pm  Won 3-1
  Warsash A Vets L40 Home  6.00pm  Won 4-0
Tues 13 May  Wellow D Sarum Mixed C Away 6.15pm   
Wed 14 May  West Hants Vets L50 Away  6.30pm Lost 0-4 
Thurs 15 May Winchester C Vets M45 Away 6pm  Won 3-1
Sat 17 May Lyndhurst Hants Mens A Home  2pm  Won w/o
  Wellow  Hants Ladies B Away  1pm  Lost 3-6
Sun 18 May Salisbury NCL B16 Away  2pm  Won w/o
  Wilts Acad NCL U10 Away    
  Absolute Tennis Sarum Mixed C Home 10.30am  Won 7-1
 Mon 19 May Twyford Vets L40 Home  6pm  Won 3-1
 Tues 20 May Hants Club Vets Mens 55 Away  6pm  Lost 0-4
 Wed 21 May Bassett Vets M45 Away  6.30pm  Lost 0-4
 Sat 24 May Swanmore C Apsley Mixed B Home 2.00pm  
 Sun 25 May Victoria Park Sarum Mixed C Away 2.00 pm  
Thur 29 May  Avenue B Vets Mens o55 Away 6pm   
 Sat 31 May Winchester A Apsley Mixed A Away  2.00pm  Lost 1-7
 Sun 1 Jun Goodworth  Sarum  Mixed C Away  10.30am  
 Mon 2 Jun Alverstoke Vets Mens 55 Away  6.00pm  
  Winchester A Vets L40 Home  6.00pm  Won 3-1
  Salisbury Vets L50 Away  6.00pm  
Wed 4 Jun Warsash A Vets Mens 45 Home  6.00pm  
 Sat 7 Jun Kingsgate A Hants Mens A Away  1.00pm  Won 5-4
  Bassett A Hants Mens B Home 2.00pm   Lost 1-8
  Newman Collard Hants Ladies B Away  1.00pm  Won 6-3
  Salisbury? NCL U14 Home  4.00pm  Won 7-6
 Sun 8 Jun Salisbury NCL Men Home  2.00pm  Won 10-2
  Salisbury C Sarum  Mixed C Away    Lost 0-8
Mon 9 Jun Thornden A Vets Mens 45 Home  6.00pm  
  Hants Club Vets         L40 Away  6.00pm  Lost 0-4
  West Hants Vets L50 Home  6.00pm  
 Wed 11 Jun Warsash Vets Mens 55 Home  6.00pm  
Sat 14 Jun Hants Club A Apsley Mixed A Home  2pm Lost 3-5 
  Avondale B Hants Mens B Away  1.30pm  Won 7-2
 Sun 15 Jun Chippenham NCL B18 Home  10am  Won w/o
  Rhind-Tutt Tournament          
 Mon 16 Jun Wellow Vets M55 Away  6pm  
  West Hants Vets L40 Home  6pm  Lost 0-4
  Warsash Vets L50 Home  6pm  
Wed 18 Jun Winchester C Vets M45 Home  6pm  Won 4-0
 Sat 21 Jun East Dorset A Hants Ladies A Home  2pm Lost 3-6 
 Sun 22 Jun Kingsgate A  Hants  Mens B Home 10.00am   Lost 1-8
  Wellow D Sarum Mixed C Home 10.30am  Won 7-1 
Mon 23 Jun Warsash A Vets L40 Away 6pm   Won 4-0
  Milford Vets L50 Home  6pm  
 Thur 26 Jun Salisbury B Vets Mens 45 Away  6pm  
Sat 28 Jun Winchester A Hants Ladies A Home  2pm  Lost 2-7
Sun  29 Jun Champagne Tournament          
Mon 30 Jun  Hants Club Vets Mens 55 Home  6pm  
  Avenue B Vets L50 Away  6pm  
 Wed 2 Jul Twyford Vets L40 Away  6pm  W 4-0
Wed 2 July  Bassett Vets Mens 45 Home  6.30pm  W 3-1
 Sat 5 July Bassett A Hants  Mens A Home  2.00pm  W 5-4
  Lyndhurst Hants Mens B Away  1.00pm  W w/o
  Littleton Hants Ladies B Away  1.00pm W 6-3 
Sun 6 July  Warsash A Hants Ladies A Home 10.00am  W 6-3
  Penton Sarum  Mixed C  Away  2.00pm  
Wed 9 July  Warsash  Vets Mens 45 Away 6pm   W 3-1
  Warsash Vets Ladies 50 Away  6pm  L 1-3
 Sat 12 Jul  Absolute Tennis Sarum Mixed C Away  2.00pm  
  David Lloyd A Apsley Mixed A Away  2.00pm  W 6–2
  Warsash C Apsley Mixed B Home 2.00 pm  W 7-1
 Sun 13 July 100+ Tournament          
 Sat 19 Jul Avenue A Hants Ladies A Away 2.00 pm Won 5-4 
  Avondale B Hants Mens A  Home  2.00pm  Won 9–0
 Sun 20 Jul Milford Hants Ladies B Home  10am Lost 2-7 
  Victoria Park  Sarum  Mixed C Home  10.30am  Lost 0-8
 Sat 26 Jul South Hants A Apsley Mixed A Home  2pm  Won 5-3
  Littleton B Apsley Mixed B Away  2pm  Won 7-1
 Sun 27 Jul Goodworth Sarum Mixed C Home  10.30am  
Sat  2 Aug Wellow  Apsley Mixed B Away  2pm  Lost 2-6
 Sun 3 Aug Salisbury Sarum Mixed C Home  10.30am  Lost 0-8
Sat 9 Aug  Hants Club B Apsley Mixed A Away  2pm  Drew 4-4
Sat 16 Aug Bassett B Apsley Mixed B Home  2pm  Won 7-1
Sat 23 Aug Warsash A Apsley Mixed A Away  2pm Lost 3-5 
Sat 30 Aug Twyford  Apsley Mixed B Home 2pm  Won 5-3 
 Sun 7  Sep Finals Day          
Sat 13 Sep Thornden A  Apsley Mixed A Home 2pm   Won 7-1
 Sun 14 Sep  Barrett Tournament