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Suggested by the Hunter-Smarts, this was our first ever champagne tournament and was a huge success! It was great to see lots of new faces competing and the tournament was cleverly scheduled to ensure no-one played with or against the same players all afternoon which added to the sociable atmosphere. The afternoon started with a glass of champagne for everyone, ensuring even the first match was played in a giggly way. Between each match, we were required to drink another glass - funnily enough the noise levels went up but the standard of tennis didn't!

By the end of the afternoon, three people proudly managed to prove themselves more resistant to alchohol than the rest of the field - more practice maybe? (The other finalist was Graham who managed to come up with around 20 reasons why no-one could possibly give him a lift home and therefore arrived in the final sober!)

Unfortunately there were also another group of people (you know who you are!) who couldn't believe they hadn't made it through & joined in too!

The evening then ended with an excellent Fish and Chip supper and the presentation of yet another bottle of champagne to the winners and a special prize to Susie being the person judged to have properly entered into the spirit of the afternoon!

Not quite doubles!
Thirst quencher!

Graham wondering how to construct his trophy - Carolyn keen on keeping the bottle!
Susie wins prize for "entering into the spirit of the afternoon!"